220500-ADL001 PTO shaft used for DUMP Trucks

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Pajero III Canvas Top
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used for PTO

Product name: PTO shaft OEM NO.: 220500 ADL001 Quality authentication: ISO9001:2000/TS16949 Application: PTO Raw material: 45#, 60#, or according to your requirement Blank: Forging production standard: Samples, drawings or OE Surface treatment: Heat treatment or parkerising Inspect: All-round quality inspection before packing Test: Torque fatigue test and detecting i nstrument LOGO on package: Natural or customized Package material: PVC bag+cartons+wooden pallets

OEM NO. CAR NAME 8-94460-086 ISUZU 33324-87312 DAIHATSU 37302-35021 TOYOTA 37302-87506 TOYOTA MB 000771 MITSUBISHI MB 154291 MITSUBISHI MB 154486 MITSUBISHI MT 372522 MITSUBISHI 37302-87308 TOYOTA 27131-83001 SUZUKI 27140-83000 SUZUKI 37302-20040 TOYOTA 37302-36020 TOYOTA 37302-87606 TOYOTA 37304-36030 TOYOTA 37315-20020 TOYOTA 37315-36020 TOYOTA 37315-87601 TOYOTA 41204-20030 TOYOTA 41204-36060 TOYOTA 41204-37020 TOYOTA 41371-36020 TOYOTA 41371-37010 TOYOTA 220500-AC001 TOYOTA 220500-AC002 TOYOTA MB000049 MITSUBISHI MB-000049-PS100 MITSUBISHI MB-000059 MITSUBISHI MB-000069 MITSUBISHI MB-000110S MITSUBISHI MB-000238 MITSUBISHI MB-000252 MITSUBISHI MB005229 MITSUBISHI MB-293010 MITSUBISHI MB-293352 MITSUBISHI 37301-60010 TOYOTA CAR OEM NO. REF NO. REF NO. MECPAR MERCEDEZ-BENZ 341.411.0205 GF-601 26-118 GR1337 Volkswagen GF-602 2-28-1697 GR1031 Volkswagen GF-605 5-28-327 GR1036 Scania 169113 GF-606 26-135 GR1430 Scania 207896 GF-607 26-163 GR1431 Volvo/Mercedes Benz GF-608 26-215C GR1432 Volkswagen/FORD GF-613 2-28-357 GR1030 Mercedes Benz 344.410.0108 LV601 03-339XS SLIP YOKE Mercedes Benz 335.410.0308 LV602 03-423XS SLIP YOKE Mercedes Benz/GM/Volkswagen/FORD BD2T-4841A LV607 3-3-1601KX1 SLIP YOKE Mercedes Benz LV610 3-514XL SLIP YOKE Mercedes Benz/GM/IVECO/FORD LV611 5-3-2261KX SLIP YOKE Scania 207989 LV613 03-541XL SLIP YOKE Mercedes Benz/VOLVO/SCANIA/FORD/VW/Navistar BF5X-4841A LV615 6.5-3-1371KX SLIP YOKE Ford/Mercedes Benz/J.I.Case/IVECO/VME 85HU-4841A LV616 4-3-1241KX SLIP YOKE FORD TAAM4841A LV-617 2-3-1421KX LV1044 FORD/GM BC8Y-4841A LV618 2-3-128KXS SLIP YOKE Agrale/Mercedes Benz 695.410.0008 LV619 90-3-21X SLIP YOKE 2-28-417 2-3-8001 2-3-8021 PONTEIRA 2-40-1701 PT1949 PONTEIRA 2-40-1851 PT1952 Mercedes Benz 352.410.0130 FL-601 01-246C FL1355 Mercedes Benz 336.411.0011 FL-603 02-334 AT1352 Mercedes Benz 352.411.0011 FL-604 3-2-1139 AT1350 LF-601 03-339XS LF60-A LF-610 03-514XL LF69-A LF-618 2-3-128KXS LF81-A LF-619 90-3-21X LF82-A Ford/Mercedes Benz PT-601 3-40-1901 PT1029 Ford/Mercedes Benz PT-602 3-53-1881 PT1030 Mercedes Benz 358.411.0002 PT-603 40-1445 PT1326 Mercedes Benz 344.410.7001 PT-604 54-442C PT1332 Mercedes Benz 335.411.0102 PT-605 54-556C PT1334 VME Clark Michigan/Chevrolet / General Motors/Ford/Iveco/J.I. Case PT-606 4-40-761 PT1020 Mercedes Benz/Chevrolet / General Motors/FORD/Iveco 384.410.0208 PT-607 5-40-1051 PT1022 Mercedes Benz/Navistar/Volkswagen/FORD PT-608 6-40-621 PT1034 VOLVO 6.885.642 PT-609 6-5-40-191 PT1940 Scania 208074 PT-611 40-1723 PT1421 Iveco/Mercedes Benz/Volvo PT-612 250-53-11 50-10-141 PT1036 Chevrolet / General Motors/Ford/Iveco/Mercedes Benz/Volkswagen PT-613 90-53-11 PT1025 Ford/Mercedes Benz PT-614 3-40-1571 PT1028 Scania 169110 PT-615 40-1722 PT1420 Chevrolet / General Motors/Ford/Volkswagen PT-616 3-53-451 PT1018 Chevrolet / General Motors/Ford PT-617 4-53-61 PT1027 Mercedes Benz 335.411.0002 PT-618 40-1560 PT1328 Chevrolet / General Motors/Ford/Volkswagen PT-619 3-53-1371 PT1016 Chevrolet / General Motors PT-620 3-53-1361 PT1230 Mercedes Benz 690.411.0002 PT-621 53-1443 PT1026 PT-622 PT-623 PT-624 PT-625 Mercedes Benz 000.410.0430 TM-601 04-852-1 FL1370 Mercedes Benz 000.410.1630 TM-602 250-4-871-1 250-4-21-1 – Ford 4460311 TM-604 4-4-6031-1 FL1083 Ford 88HU4865A TM-605 5-4-7171-1 FL1086

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